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(fronds are q.t.'s) 

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  • does this work?
    The planters you see in stock in the store are premade designs that are ready to print! Just select your choice of color. If you want multiple colors/stripes, send me an email! I'm working on simplifying this system soon. Once you place your order, I'll start printing. Most of the premade designs in my store take from 6-12 hours to print. More complex designs take longer. Please allow 3-5 days for processing. I do my best to be communicative and will keep you abreast of any issues, delays, etc. After that, I'll get your planter ready to ship or pick up! I even offer free delivery within 1 hour of Orlando. Due to license restrictions, I am currently unable to ship plants outside of Florida. However, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and pick out a frond or two to go with your new planter!
  • What are Frondezvous planters made of?
    Frondezvous' 3D printed planters are made with PLA filament in all the pretty colors I can get my hands on. PLA is a corn-based plastic -- not oil-based like other materials. I finish many of my planters with a soil- and water-safe primer and paint.
  • Is plastic a good choice of material for a planter?
    Yes! Plastic is a neutral medium for your plants to live in. It doesn't absorb a lot of water like Terra Cotta, and it's best used with a well-draining soil. Please do not leave your Frondezvous planters in direct sunlight, which can cause the plastic to warp and break down.
  • How do I order a custom planter?
    I love creating custom designs! I am constantly learning new software, so if I can't figure out how to make it right now, there's a chance I will be able to soon. I offer your choice of colors for each of my in-stock designs (including horizontal stripes if that's your fancy!) Want to make something totally off the wall? Send me an email at or fill out the form on my contact page. Let's get weird! I can't wait to Frondezvous with you!
  • Can I buy plants on your website?
    Available plants and premade arrangements will be arriving on the site soon! Premade arrangements and plants will not be available on days when I'm attending markets to help me manage inventory. At this time, I am not shipping any plants due to licensing restrictions. Plants are available for local pickup and delivery only.
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