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hey there.

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I'm Lex, and this is Frondezvous.

I design, 3D print, and beautify quirky planters for your houseplants. 

Yes, they come with drainage holes. 

Call me crazy, but I think plants have personalities as unique as their owners'.

Pothos are easygoing, but like to get fancy every once in a while.

If a Calathea went out to the club, it would definitely stay cool with a fan. *FWIPP!*

Shouldn't your planters have some personality, too? 

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This li'l shop started as a goof between me and my best friend. Now, all I want to do is brighten up your shelfies and indulge your love for both fandoms and fan palms.

I love doing custom work! If there's something you've been dying to stick a plant into, let's make it happen. Click here and let's collab.

Frondezvous is proudly based in Orlando, Florida. I'm lucky to get to create and inspire alongside so many other brilliant local makers. If you want to team up on a project, click here and let's talk about it!

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find your new best frond!

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