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Beer Mug Planter

So then why shouldn't it be true? 
I get a kick out of brew. (MF Doom)


Does your cup foameth over? Are you a big fan of a good hazyboi on a Sunday afternoon? Do you just, y'know, like beer? Then why don't you stick a plant in it? 


3D printed beer mug planter with painted foam bubbles is sure to delight any plant parent. 


Product details: 

Approx. 4.5" tall

3.5" at widest point of opening

Has a drainage hole!


Note: Please don't use this as an actual drinking vessel. PLA isn't foodsafe, it's painted, and...well, it has a huge hole in the bottom. 

Beer Mug Planter

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  • Care Instructions

    Planters are intended for indoor use only! Do not expose this planter to extreme temperature conditions, including snow or direct sunlight. PLA has a tendency to warp, fade, and become brittle in extreme temps. 

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